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Out-of-district Model

Those who would like to see how Joshua derived his numbers regarding the net cost to Newton taxpayers of non-resident kids as well as the value we provide Boston by educating their kids in our school system can refer to this Excel spreadsheet:

Proposition 2½

Proposition 2½, passed by the legislature in 1980 in response to a voter initiative to ease the tax burden on citizens, limits the taxes that can be demanded by municipal governments. Paragraphs (g) and (i) especially relate to Newton's override proposals.

This Wikipedia entry explains Proposition 2½ in more common language.

The Massachusetts Division of Local Services has developed this primer to guide local officials through the mechanics of Proposition 2½.

Here's a longer version of the same document.

TThe Massachusetts Department of Revenue has collected history regarding Proposition 2½ override attempts.

In 1982 the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development suggested how school systems could implement the discipline demanded by Proposition 2½.

In 2010 Citizens for Limited Taxation celebrated 30 years of Proposition 2½.

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