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Moving Newton Forward in the news
Relevant news stories

Moving Newton Forward in the news

Newton News: Moving Newton Forward February 27

Ana Bottary taped our well-spoken, well-informed, and good-looking members at Post 440.

Newton News: Moving Newton Forward January 30

Jenn Adams interviews Bill Heck, Suzanne Suzanne Szescila and Joshua Norman.

Tom Sheff interviews Al Cecchinelli

Newton Taxpayers Association president Al Cecchinelli discusses how $4.5 million should be paid to Newton to reimburse the City's cost of educating students from Boston.

Tom Sheff interviews Bill Heck and Jeff Seideman

Jeff Seideman explains why he supports the override while Bill Heck proposes changes that the City can make to avoid a tax increase.

Tom Sheff interviews Bill Heck and Matt Hills

Matthew Hills explains why he supports the override while Bill Heck opposes that the City can make to avoid a tax increase.

Ken Parker interviews override supporters and MNF representative

Jeff Goldman proposes override alternatives to four override supporters.

Newton residents form anti-override group

A newly formed group, Moving Newton Forward, is urging Newton residents to vote against the mayor’s proposed $11.4 million override package in the March 12 special election. ...

Relevant news stories

Number of top earners grows

In the last four years, the number of Newton employees who took home annual paychecks north of $100,000 climbed from 185 to 199 — an 8 percent increase — and total pay for those high earners has ballooned by $2.7 million. ...

Tax plan relying on early figures

Almost half of the $11.4 million property tax increases proposed in Newton would pay for upgrades to aging and inadequate buildings, but the city has yet to complete detailed design studies for some of them, raising concerns about whether the money will be enough. ...

Former city employee charged with forging tax documents

A longtime former city employee, Stanley Dobies, was arraigned this week in Newton District Court on charges of forgery...

Tax bills going up $280 next year

Tax bills for owners of median priced homes in Newton will go up $280 next year...

Internet travel sites and tax dollars

It looks like TripAdvisor is leaving Newton just four years after the online travel company moved its headquarters to Needham Street. ...

Lam’s is leaving Newtonville

First South Pacific closed its doors. Now Lam’s in Newtonville is closing. ...

Special election for override to cost city $85K

March’s special election is expected to run up a tab of $84,900 for the city.

Could a state tax hike proposal hurt chances for Newton’s overrides?

Mayor Setti Warren remains confident that Newton voters will pass his trio of overrides...

Aldermen vote not to move forward with naming rights

A proposal for selling naming rights to spaces in the city’s public high schools is off the table...

Residents question North, METCO at West Newton override meeting

Residents at a Jan. 31 meeting on the mayor's $11.4 million override proposal said the city has misspent money while letting the elementary schools deteriorate. ...

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