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What You Can Do to Keep Newton Affordable

Vote No! No! No! against the overrides on March 12th and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Post a yard sign. To order a yard sign, send an email here:

Donate. If you could help us pay for yard signs and a mailing, that would be great! Make out a check to Moving Newton Forward and mail it to us at:

Moving Newton Forward
P.O. Box 95103
Newton, MA 02495

Call. We are calling our Newton neighbors to ask for their support on March 12th. To receive a call list, send an email here:

Attend the Mayor’s override Town Halls. They are posted here:

Write. Whether you write a letter to the editor or post a brief message on a Web log, you join the conversation and help our cause. Emily Costello is the Newton TAB editor. Melanie Graham is the Newton Patch editor. is a Newton Web log. Write early. Write often.

Hand out flyers. Some of us love to walk and are therefore slipping flyers in storm doors. In warmer weather, we hope to hand out flyers at busy public spots. For a handout you can use and information about the neighborhoods most likely to vote against the overrides, email:

Meet. We meet weekly on Wednesday night, 7:00 pm, at the American Legion Post 440 on 295 California Street to discuss strategy and progress. Head downstairs to a ballroom near the Post’s bar for refreshments. Join us for a lively hour!

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